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Can a PE teacher be a head teacher? What should a PE teacher do in the face of parents' questions

Original title: PE teachers took the initiative to apply to be head teachers, and the parents blew up! Parents questioned: can the results be good?

The PE teacher has become a head teacher! Seeing this topic, most parents have three question marks in their heads: is it reliable? Can you do it? No teachers at school? Recently, some netizens posted that a PE teacher in Hangzhou took the initiative to apply to the school to be a head teacher!

The head teacher of class 706 of Hangzhou XX middle school, Mr. Su, as a physical education teacher, faced all questions when he just took over the new class. Some parents will directly ask: Mr. Su, do you want to take us for three years?

Perhaps in our experience and concept, the head teacher is generally the teacher of the main subjects, such as Chinese, mathematics and English. After all, the children's entrance examination mainly depends on the results of these main subjects.

However, in Mr. Su's own cognition, PE teachers may be more suitable candidates to be head teachers than the main course teachers: their teaching tasks are not heavy, they have more time to manage classes and children, and they are young enough to talk with children more easily!

So in order to get the recognition of parents, Miss Su visited all the students in the class at home in the summer vacation before school began.

However, as soon as the news of PE teachers as head teachers was sent to the parents, it still aroused thousands of waves:

Some mothers in the parents' group expressed strong opposition. They felt that they had never heard of such a thing before. They were afraid that the physical education teachers did not understand the content and teaching methods of the main course, which delayed the children's achievements.

However, some parents said that physical education teachers have less pressure on their schoolwork, they can have more time and energy to focus on their children, and they will be more patient, which is not a bad thing.

Most netizens also think that this is not a thing!

Netizens also shared their views and experiences in the comments. Zhiling found that many people had the experience of being an associate teacher as a head teacher when they were students:

Many parents also feel that they should be lucky to meet a head teacher like Mr. Su. Now there are not only 'other people's children', but also 'other people's head teachers':

However, some parents expressed their concerns, 'I feel that the class does not pay attention to the school':

Netizens said: why can't PE teachers be head teachers?