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The dog's forehead and long tail Bameng turn over, and the staff named it "narwhal"

Original title: a little suckling dog with a long tail on its forehead turns people over 'it's useless, but it will make it super cool!'

November 14 (Xinhua) recently, a small milk dog with a tail on its forehead has become a 'superstar', attracting the attention of a large number of netizens.

According to the daily mirror on November 13, an animal rescue center in Missouri found the little milk dog abandoned in the 'severe cold' on the street and took it back to the center for upbringing. The staff also named the lovely dog 'narwhal - a magical furry Unicorn'.

After uploading the video of 'narwhal' to the Internet, the little milk dog quickly had a huge team of fans. Facing the biggest concern of fans, the staff of the center took it to the veterinarian to try to find out the reason why the tail grew on the forehead and whether the tail could shake.

'unfortunately, when he is happy, the little tail in front of his forehead won't shake'.

'the extra tail has nothing to do with anything. It has no practical use except to make it the coolest dog in history '.

'‘ Narwhal & rsquo; The tail on his face doesn't affect him. Like other normal dogs, he runs very freely '.

The 'narwhal' is thought to be a mixture of dogs and unicorns. At present, the center staff have no plans to let it be adopted because they want to continue to monitor its tail to ensure that it will not become a hidden danger.

One fan said, 'to be honest, the tail makes it look more cute! More happily, this tail will not bring any trouble! "

Another fan said, 'it's destined to have a wonderful dog life! When I see its little face, I can feel its loveliness and charm! "