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Recent photo of Yuan Weiren recent photo of Yuan Weiren thin and old

On November 13, Taiwan media exposed a group of photos of visiting little fat teacher yuan Weiren. Yuan Weiren is thin. Although he is only 51 years old, he looks like 60 or 70 years old because of his thin body.

Since October 2018, little fat teacher yuan Weiren accidentally fell in Shanghai, causing cerebral hemorrhage and coma, the situation has been unclear. Later, when the Taiwan media visited yuan Weiren, Yuan Weiren, who had been in a coma for a long time, woke up, but his state was very poor. Wearing a white coat and dark blue white dotted trousers, he was powerlessly sitting in a wheelchair. His dark and elegant medium and long hair had been cut off. He lost a lot of weight and could hardly see meat in his lower legs.

Later, Yuan Yi, his son, released a dynamic on a platform. Words such as cremation and spirit bone pagoda appeared in the long dynamic text, with unknown meaning. There are many news on the Internet that Yuan Weiren's son is an unfilial son.

Yuan Weiren's ex-wife, the child's mother, spoke for her children. He said that this is the mood expression of a senior three student, which has nothing to do with the current situation of Yuan Weiren.

Fortunately, according to the media exposure, Yuan Weiren, a little fat teacher, has become better recently. With the help of medical staff, Yuan Weiren will come out to bask in the sun. He is more energetic and powerful than sitting in a wheelchair before, and his face is slowly becoming less thin. The whole person is especially energetic in the sun.

After basking in the sun, the medical staff slowly pushed yuan Weiren to the car and took him back to the rehabilitation center.

When he arrived at the rehabilitation center, the medical staff helped yuan Weiren to a wheelchair and pushed him into the rehabilitation center. Yuan Weiren, wearing a blue sweater, was taken good care of. The medical staff not only put a hat on his head, but also covered him with a gray blanket.

After entering the rehabilitation center building, the medical staff squatted down to chat with Yuan Weiren and held his hand to encourage him. Yuan Weiren smiled.

In fact, as long as Yuan Weiren can recover slowly. I hope netizens don't speculate about others at will, so as not to bring unnecessary harm to people.