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The authoritative guide for number carrying network transfer issues the handling process and conditi

What is number carrying network transfer

Number carrying network transfer, also known as number portability and no change of number when moving, is a mobile telecom operator. For example, mobile phone users with mobile numbers transfer to China telecom network or China Unicom Network to enjoy the telecom operation services provided by China Telecom or China Unicom.

Number carrying to network mainly includes fixed number carrying and mobile number carrying.

Handling process of number carrying network transfer:

1. Edit the SMS' cxxz # name # certificate number 'to the current operator (mobile 10086, telecom 10001, Unicom 10010) to see if it meets the conditions;

2. Edit 'sqxz# name # certificate number' to the current operator to obtain the authorization code;

3. Take the authorization code and ID card to the business hall of the transfer operator.

Among them, China Unicom has added a "number carrying access" transfer channel on the home page of mobile client. China Unicom's number carrying network transfer process is divided into three steps: users should first confirm the carrying qualification by sending query SMS; Fill in the user information, select the desired package, and submit the carry in application; After the submission is successful, the staff will distribute the new SIM card and assist the user to complete the activation work.

Note here:

For those that meet the conditions, if other services are affected after the number carrying network transfer, the carrier will remind the user while feeding back the query results.

For users who fail to meet the conditions, the carrier will clearly inform the user of the reasons for the failure and the consultation way at one time. And provide users with qualified consultation through customer service telephone.

The number carrying to network number shall meet the following conditions at the same time:

1. The real identity information has been registered with the carrier.

2. In normal use (non loss reporting, shutdown, etc.);

3. Settle the paid telecommunication expenses of the number with the carrier; If there are telecommunication charges (such as international roaming charges, electricity, etc.) that have not been paid out, the payment time and method have been agreed with the carrier;

4. There is no agreement with the carrier to agree on the online term limit, or the online term limit has been lifted;

5. 120 days of network access (natural day)