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The latest progress in the case of Aunt Mei, a mysterious human trafficker, two abducted children we

The latest development of the mysterious trafficker Aunt Mei case! There has been new progress in the mystery man trafficking 'Aunt Mei' case, which is suspected of abducting and trafficking nine children. On November 13, Guangzhou Zengcheng police reported that two of the abducted children had been recovered recently and organized their families to recognize their relatives. Shen Junliang, the parent of the abducted child in the same case, has been looking for his son for nearly 15 years and still hasn't given up. He hopes that the buyer can contact him and 'don't investigate any responsibility, just want to know whether the child is doing well'.

Original title: latest progress in the mysterious trafficker Aunt Mei case: Guangzhou police found two abducted children