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Baishi express responded that 13 tons of packages were burned, and it is expected to reissue them wi

Original title: Baishi express responded that 13 tons of packages to Hunan were burned: more than 7000 pieces are being reissued

In the early morning of November 12, a Baishi express vehicle from Beijing to Changsha, Hunan caught fire on the road in Anyang, causing 13 tons of packages to burn. Subsequently, the message quickly spread on the network.

On the morning of the 13th, the reporter learned from the Changsha transfer center of Baishi express that at present, the express company is cooperating with the investigation of the local fire and public security departments and has started the claim settlement procedure.

The logistics vehicle on fire was about 15 meters long and loaded with 13 tons of packages, mainly daily necessities, department stores, edible oil, paper towels, etc. After two hours of fighting, the fire at the scene was put out without casualties, but almost all the express on the car were burned.

After media coverage, the news spread rapidly on the Internet. Many citizens reported that they had received a notification text message from a suspected express company.

Since the morning of the 13th, many consumers have received some text messages one after another. The content is, 'Dear consumers, we are deeply sorry that the express car suddenly caught fire and your express was accidentally destroyed. You can't settle the claim because you didn't buy freight insurance. I'm very sorry. We deeply regret and wish you a happy life.'

Is this message sent by the express company? On the morning of the 13th, the reporter came to the Changsha transfer center of Baishi express to understand the situation. After the express vehicle caught fire, Baishi express started the response measures at the first time and actively negotiated with customers for reissue processing and compensation of goods.

Peng Yinghua, assistant general manager of Baishi express Changsha transit center, said that the official has not released some compensation contents, and this information is false.

It is understood that on the morning of the 13th, Baishi Express has started response measures. According to statistics, about 7000 express pieces were burned. Up to now, most of the reissued goods have been sent out and are expected to be reissued within 3 days.