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Baishi express responded that 13 tons of packages were burned: most of the reissued goods have been

In the early morning of November 12, a Baishi express vehicle from Beijing to Changsha, Hunan caught fire on the road in Anyang, Henan Province, causing 13 tons of packages to be set on fire. Subsequently, the message quickly spread on the network. It is understood that at present, the express company is cooperating with the investigation of the local fire and public security departments, and has started the claim settlement procedure.

Baishi express responded as follows:

On November 12, a fire broke out when Baishi express vehicles were driving to Anyang section of Henan Province. Baishi express immediately started response measures and actively negotiated with customers to reissue goods and pay compensation. Up to now, most of the reissued goods have been sent out and are expected to be reissued within 3 days. Please pay attention to WeChat official account of the world express, inquire about the latest package progress. 8203;