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Yuan Weiren returned to his hometown for recuperation

It was reported on November 13 that in October last year, Yuan Weiren, a Taiwanese musician, accidentally fell down while recording a program in Shanghai, causing a cerebral hemorrhage coma. Although the operation was very successful, it was later found that there were tumors in the brain. After fighting with death for many days, his condition gradually improved. According to Taiwan media reports, Yuan Weiren has returned to his hometown in the East for convalescence.

Recently, Taiwan media visited yuan Weiren's hometown, and a recent photo of Yuan Weiren was immediately exposed. It is reported that he looked quite thin and looked a little confused, but he looked good, and sometimes smiled with the medical staff. The medical staff always held yuan Weiren's hand to cheer him up. Yuan Weiren responded with a smile. The doctor also said to Yuan Weiren: 'it's much easier, come on'.

Yuan Weiren was born in June 24, 1968 in Taiwan, Taiwan, China. He is a songwriter and producer of music. In 1998, he wrote songs such as conquest, wake up from a dream and a dream for Na Ying.