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Speed and passion 9 kill speed and passion 9 release time

On the morning of November 13, director Lin Yibin announced that speed and passion 9 was officially finished!

"Speed and passion 9" is the ninth film in the "speed and passion" series, directed by Lin Yibin and fan & middot; Dessel, Thales & middot; Gibson, Lucas & middot; Starring Blake, the film is scheduled to be released on May 22, 2020.

Director Lin Yibin revealed that speed 9 is the 'most ambitious' part of the series. The special effects may bring greater shock, and the total box office will explode again!

As one of the most popular Hollywood blockbuster series in the mainland, the box office performance of "speed and passion" series is quite excellent. Speed 7, released in 2015, sold 2.42 billion, becoming the first film with a box office of more than 2 billion in Chinese film history, causing a huge sensation!

Although it was overtaken by the story of catching demons a few months later, the box office of the day before the release of speed 7 still exceeded tens of millions. If it can be postponed, the story of catching demons will not win the title of the mainland in 2015.

Speed and passion 8, released in April 2017, exploded again, and the mainland box office was awesome 2 billion 670 million, beating the "speed 7" again hit the new box office high, too powerful!

Speed and passion: special action, which was released a few months ago, is only an outreach of the series. The mainland box office still sold 1.43 billion, which shows how popular this series is.