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The toilet kitchen is in the neighbor's house. How can I live in a house without a toilet kitchen

'how can I live in a house without kitchen and toilet?' Mr. Qi, a citizen of Guangzhou, looked at the hairy embryo room in front of him and was at a loss. In May this year, Mr. Qi spent nearly 980000 yuan to buy a house on Xiwan East Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou through the south property right trading center, and began to decorate and prepare to stay in mid October. However, on September 30, the prospective owner of the house next door told him that according to the drawings of the real estate certificate, the toilets and kitchens in Mr. Qi's house belong to the next door. The video taken by Mr. Qi when he went to see the house after he collected the building & DARR& darr;, At that time, I didn't know that the toilet kitchen was in someone else's house.

The red part of the plane attached drawing on the real estate certificate is the location of the 'toilet kitchen' in room 902 of Mr. Qi's house, which is indeed within the scope of room 901.

Toilet kitchen seen while looking at the house

After buying it, I found that it didn't belong to my own family

The house purchased by Mr. Qi is located on the ninth floor of a residential building on Xiwan East Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou. 'I bought room 902 and started decoration after I got the property certificate in September. The day before the national day, the prospective owner of 901 next door went to the decoration company with drawings to see how to decorate. As a result, he found that the location of my toilet kitchen belonged to them. " To his surprise, Mr. Qi immediately checked the real estate certificate. The drawing did divide the location of the toilet and kitchen within 901 next door. He quickly stopped the decoration and contacted Guangzhou Huazheng Asset Management Co., Ltd., which originally owned the house, to deal with the problem.

According to Mr. Qi, when he saw the transfer information of the house on the southern property right trading center, the website did not publish the drawings, and stated that he needed to see the house by himself. So Mr. Qi came to the scene to inspect the house. The video provided by Mr. Qi when viewing the room in room 902 shows that room 902 is connected with the kitchen of the toilet and connected with the living room. On the contrary, the location of the toilet and kitchen can not enter 901, and the floors of the toilet and kitchen are also paved with floor tiles.

Because this is an old building with a building age of more than 20 years, Mr. Qi believes that it has been rented before. There should be no problem, so he didn't compare the drawings carefully. " However, they (Guangzhou Huazheng Asset Management Co., Ltd.) didn't tell me that it didn't belong to room 902, and they didn't seal the channel. " In this case, Mr. Qi paid a deposit of 300000 yuan in May this year, successfully loaned and paid the balance in June, including taxes and fees, totaling about 980000 yuan. After getting the house property certificate on September 4, the decoration began, but on September 30, the prospective neighbor who took the decoration team to check the house told him that the toilet kitchen was within the scope of room 901 and did not belong to him. " It's about 27 years old here. I didn't expect that the problem of real estate property rights had not been handled. " Mr. Qi is very helpless.

On the morning of the 12th, Nandu reporter followed Mr. Qi to the house involved to check the situation. At the scene of room 902, the area of toilet and kitchen is about 7 square meters, and the only sewage pipe of the house is at the corner of the toilet. Nandu reporter saw from the real estate certificate provided by Mr. Qi that the building area of room 902 is 46.67 square meters. Compared with the plane drawings on the real estate certificate, the toilet and kitchen area do belong to the real estate scope of room 901. However, if the area is directly transferred back to room 901, there is no sewage pipeline in room 902.

When going upstairs, Nandu reporter also found that the number of households on each floor of the residential building is different. There are three households with one ladder and four households with one ladder, and the gate position of each household of the same house type is different. According to Mr. Qi, most of the buildings are relocation houses. The planning of the whole building was originally one ladder and two households. However, due to the different original area of each household, it is divided according to the original area after relocation. Mr. Qi guessed that the problem of room 902 is estimated to be caused by the division at that time.


Accounts have been moved in. If you can't build a toilet, you can only sue for a refund

Mr. Qi said that although he encountered this problem, he didn't want to check out. 'when buying a house here, he took into account the convenience of his wife's work and his children's reading, and now even his registered permanent residence has been moved over.' Mr. Qi said that he could buy this area with more money, or re delimit the scope of toilet and kitchen within room 902, but if the problem can not be solved, he can only choose to sue and ask for the return of the house money.

"Now we can only rent a house and pay rent every month." Mr. Qi feels very headache and hopes that Guangzhou Huazheng Asset Management Co., Ltd. can solve the problem as soon as possible.

On the afternoon of the 12th, Nandu reporter contacted Mr. Liu, a staff member of the company. Mr. Liu said that after discovering the problems, the company was also actively seeking solutions, and said that previously, the company went to the housing authority to find the mapping map of the house in 1997. The map shows that the planning is the same as the plane drawings on the current real estate certificate, so the company will divide the area according to the real estate certificate for processing. In the near future, we will find a qualified construction team to go to house 902 for inspection, discuss how to move the sewage pipeline to the scope of house 902, and re divide the location of toilet and kitchen within this scope.


Whether the contract can be cancelled depends on whether the letting party deliberately conceals it

Deng Gang, a lawyer from Guangdong legal Shengbang law firm, said that this situation depends on whether the buyer has a major misunderstanding, or whether the buyer has fraud or deliberately concealment, resulting in the buyer signing the contract against its true intention. If such a situation exists, the buyer can apply to the court for contract cancellation. However, whether the contract can be revoked depends on whether the contract information is complete at the time of purchase. If the transferor has made corresponding notification, but the purchaser has not paid attention to it, it cannot be revoked. When reviewing the rights and obligations of both parties, whether the transferor has informed or made a reasonable explanation, whether the transferee has seen the information announced clearly and whether there is a major misunderstanding. If there is a major misunderstanding and the transferor conceals and does not inform, the purchaser can apply to the court for cancellation of the contract.