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Toilet kitchen in the neighbor's house, the man spent millions to buy a house, but he met a wonderfu

Original title: silly eye! Guangzhou men spend millions to buy a house, toilet, kitchen 'long' neighbor's house

The location of the new house, toilet and kitchen bought for millions is actually 'long' in the neighbor's house? Mr. Qi, a citizen of Guangzhou, panicked on the spot & hellip& hellip;

In May this year, Mr. Qi saw a property located in Xiwan East Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou on the official website of the south property right trading center. The original property right of the house belongs to Guangzhou Huazheng Investment Management Co., Ltd. On June 14, Mr. Qi signed a house purchase contract with Huazheng Investment Management Co., Ltd. and began decoration after obtaining the house property certificate.

But just last month, he got an amazing news from the buyer of room 901 next door & hellip& hellip;

The house bought by Mr. Qi is located in Xiwan East Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou. After seeing the house in person, Mr. Qi felt good. One bedroom, one living room, one kitchen and one bathroom, the house is 46.67 square meters. In June, he spent more than one million to buy it.

While Mr. Qi was decorating the house, the neighbor living in room 901 next door told him--

According to the house property certificate, the kitchen and toilet do not belong to room 902 purchased by Mr. Qi.

Mr. Qi panicked. He hurried to find manager Liu, the manager of Huazheng company to understand the situation. The reply was: everything came according to the contract and real estate certificate. The house property certificate shows that the area of room 902 purchased by Mr. Qi is 46.67 square meters, but the indoor pattern is not drawn on the drawings.

Mr. Qi said that the position he traced with a dotted line is the current location of the toilet and kitchen. It is indeed 'long' in the neighbor's house.

Mr. Qi was informed by the agent that the notice has said to let the buyer know the situation of the house by himself, so the buyer is obliged to measure and check whether it is the same as the real estate certificate.

However, Mr. Qi believes that Huazheng company should give a reminder before signing the contract, or close the extra space.

It is reported that the controversial toilet is connected to the only sewage pipe of the whole building. If Mr. Qi wants to rebuild a toilet in room 902, the cost is very high and it is very difficult to carry out.

A decoration worker at the scene told reporters that it is difficult to make kitchens and toilets in the existing area without sewage pipes. Even if you can, you should get the permission of the owners next door and downstairs.

Such a wonderful house type, how can people live? Is the No. 2 house type of this building like this? The reporter knocked on the door of Room 502. The owner Chen Bo told reporters that this residential building was a demolished house. In fact, it was divided according to the area allocated to the relocated households, so the pattern of each household on each floor is different.

Chen Bo, the owner of Room 502, admitted that he had never seen such a wonderful house type. How can there be a house without a kitchen and toilet? It is suggested that Mr. Qi negotiate with his neighbors to see if they are willing to transfer the area or transform the pipeline.

At noon on November 10, the reporter also tried to call manager Liu, a staff member of the right of origin party, but no one answered.

For this incident, the lawyer suggests that Mr. Qi:

You can first go to the housing management department to retrieve the original files of the house to see whether the contents previously registered are consistent with the current situation. If the seller fails to truthfully disclose the situation of the house, including defects and inconvenience, resulting in relevant economic losses to the buyer, Mr. Qi can recover from the other party.