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Response from the Organizing Committee of Marathon roller skating competition

Original title: Shandong Taishan International Marathon someone wearing roller skating competition organizing committee responded

A microblog netizen recently reported that Zhou Guangqiang, a 55 year old 'roller skater', completed the Taishan International Marathon held in Tai'an City, Shandong Province on October 27 this year. Can a marathon still operate like this? The matter quickly aroused social concern.

On November 12, the Organizing Committee of Taishan International Marathon replied to the upstream news that after verification, the contestant's performance has been cancelled, and its violation information will be reported to China Track and Field Association for the record.

The upstream news reporter noted that according to the report of Taishan evening news on October 27, Zhou Guangqiang, 55, is from Tai'an, Shandong Province. He has been skating in China since 2011. He has been to Jiangsu, Anhui, Shanghai, Hubei, Henan and other places successively. He skated to the Northeast in June this year. This year is Zhou Guangqiang's first 'skating' Mount Tai International Marathon. Previously, he participated in Mount Tai International mountaineering festival in roller skating five times.

It is understood that the organizers of the 2019 Taishan International Marathon are China Track and Field Association, Shandong Provincial Sports Bureau and Tai'an Municipal People's government.

On November 12, the upstream news reporter called Taian Sports Bureau, one of the event organizers. The staff of the Bureau told reporters that the Taishan International Marathon is managed by a company called 'Taishan media'. Then the reporter called Taishan media company. The staff of the company confirmed that the Organizing Committee of Taishan International Marathon is indeed located here. Zhou Guangqiang, the "roller skater" reflected by the reporter, has been recorded and will give feedback to the referee group and reply to the reporter.

On the morning of the 12th, Mr. Ma, a staff member of the Organizing Committee of Taishan International Marathon, replied to the upstream news reporter that after verification, the contestant's performance (Zhou Guangqiang) has been cancelled. Mr. Ma said that they would report the contestant's illegal competition information to the China Track and Field Association for the record.

A staff member of Shandong Provincial Sports Bureau also told the upstream news reporter that the marathon is a running sport. Wearing roller skating to participate in the competition must be a violation and will not be included in the results in the end.

On October 27, local media in Shandong reported that Zhou Guangqiang was wearing roller skates.

Upstream journalists found that in recent years, there has been constant chaos in marathon competitions. In the 2014 Xiamen International Marathon, a man wore a 14015 number plate, which was actually used by three people. In the 2018 Shenzhen Nanshan half marathon, 46 people crossed the green belt and took a shortcut. Finally, 258 people violated the rules in the competition. In the 2019 Xuzhou International Marathon, d2113 player Meng Mouping rode a bicycle. The referee found that he was dissuaded and stopped, so the player rode again.

At present, Wu Zhihao, who works in a fitness club in Jinan, Shandong Province, is a runner and has participated in marathons all over the country for many times. He told the upstream news reporters that many cities across the country are holding marathons in full swing. Although the organizers are the government and the Sports Bureau, professional sports companies are usually the responsible persons. The competitions are generally broadcast live, which provides a good platform for business publicity. Therefore, various performance shows such as roller skating and cosplay clothes are in an endless stream, In the end, the results will not be recorded because of obvious violations.

"The commercialization of horse racing is too serious now. There are usually dozens of naming units. There is an exaggeration that more people come to run than to advertise. " Wu Zhihao said that there are many areas that need to be improved in the domestic marathon, such as the maintenance of on-site order, the health and safety of participants and so on. He believes that marathon is a national sport, and now it is increasingly becoming a commercial marketing platform. It is really a pity for sports lovers.