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Is down jacket duck down or goose down? What's the difference between down jacket and goose down jac

Many people like to wear down jacket to keep warm in winter. The down filling materials of down jacket are generally divided into duck down and goose down. Which is better? What is the difference between the two?

First, in terms of structure, goose down has large flocks, high hollowness, good fluffy and excellent resilience, so it has stronger warmth retention. Goose down is generally larger than duck down, and its fluffy degree is half higher than duck down, so its warmth retention is more excellent. Goose down fiber is fine, soft and long, and the advantage of long fiber is that it can be combined with better fluffy degree and better warmth retention.

Second, the problem of duck down. Ducks like to eat insects in the water, so it is generally believed that duck down will have a fishy smell. Deodorant may be used during decontamination and degreasing in order to remove odor. You may not smell the newly bought down jacket, but it will return in a few months. It will take almost a year to distribute it naturally.

Geese are herbivores, so the goose down itself does not have the problem of peculiar smell, which ensures the problem of green environmental protection from the source of raw materials. Goose down is generally favored by many people because of its better thermal insulation, environmental protection and green performance. Most down quilts and high-grade down products abroad basically use goose down.

Third, the biggest advantage of goose down is that it has no peculiar smell. People who are sensitive to the smell recommend using down products made of goose down. The domestic medium and high-grade down products are mainly down quilts, down pillows and down mattresses filled with duck down, which are more popular with consumers because of their low price. The down quilt made of goose down is more than 2000 yuan. Its consumer group is mainly the middle class and the income is relatively higher.