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The horse head donated by the gambler is the second animal head donated by the gambler

[gambler donates Yuanmingyuan horse head] on November 13, another great event came out of the gambler family. Gambler Stanley Ho generously donated the bronze statue of Yuanmingyuan horse head to the state, which is also the second Yuanmingyuan animal head donated by gambler to the state. And at the donation ceremony that day, the gambling king's family also made a rare appearance.

Because the gambling king is old, the gambling king did not attend the donation ceremony in person, but appointed his family as a representative to attend the ceremony. Therefore, it is very rare for everyone to see the appearance of the gambling king's family.

Among them, he chaoqiong in the second room, as the successor of the family business, has the style of being the head of the family. Under her leadership, the family appeared in front of the camera. Behind her, there are Chen Wanzhen in the third room and his son he Youqi. The woman with red clothes and short hair next to her is no accident Liang Anqi, and then there are he Chaoying, he ChaoLian, he Youqi and he Chaoxin.

When such a large family attends the donation ceremony together, we can see how much the gambling king thinks about it.

As the representative of the gambling king, he chaoqiong came to the stage to receive the certificate of honor. With short hair and clothes, he chaoqiong is quite the style of the gambling king in those years. She is worthy of being the most proud Business successor of the gambling king.

From the picture of family reunion, the family is still very harmonious, and he chaoqiong in the second room is full of natural master style because she is deeply valued by the gambling king.

Previously, he Youjun and his mother Liang Anqi appeared at the airport, which seemed to be preparing for the ceremony. He Youjun personally sent a document to praise his father. After he was upgraded to be a father, he should also inherit a lot of patriotism from his father. I hope he will continue to carry forward it in the future.

In addition to the horse heads donated this time, this is the second animal head donated by the gambling king. Before that, in 2003, the gambling king spent 6 million to buy pig heads and donate them to the state. In 2007, there was news that 69.1 million horse heads were photographed.

The gambling king's patriotism is really amazing. After this donation, the gambling king's 98th birthday will be ushered in immediately. I hope he will live longer than Nanshan and be healthy forever.