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How to hand wash down jacket a little trick to help you hand wash down jacket fast and clean

Down jackets do not have to be sent to the dry cleaner for dry cleaning. In fact, you can wash down jackets by hand at home. Here are five tips for hand washing down jackets to ensure that your down jackets are washed quickly and clean!

1. Be sure to wash by hand. Do not wash by machine or dry cleaning

On the back of the down jacket, a small label for the maintenance and washing of down jacket is sewn. If you have seen it, you will know that more than 90% of the down jacket is marked to be washed by hand and not dry cleaned, because the potion used for dry cleaning will not only affect the warmth retention of down jacket, but also accelerate the aging of down jacket cloth. In addition, after the down jacket is stirred, it will lead to uneven thickness of the filler, make the clothes out of shape, and affect the aesthetics and warmth retention.

2. Neutral detergent is the best

Protein fiber is the characteristic of poultry down jacket. Therefore, it is best to use neutral detergent when washing, so as to minimize the damage. If alkaline detergent is used for cleaning, the residual detergent is easy to cause damage to the down jacket, and it is easy to leave white traces on the surface of the clothes, affecting the appearance. Therefore, after cleaning with alkaline detergent, wash it twice with clean water, then add two spoons of vinegar to warm water, soak the down jacket for a while and clean it, so as not to cause damage to the down jacket.

3. The concentration of washing powder should not be too high

When cleaning, if washing powder must be used, just put 4 to 5 tablespoons of washing powder in two pots of water. The concentration should not be too high to avoid unclean rinsing. The residual washing powder in down jacket will affect the fluffy and warmth retention of down.

4. Rinse at 30 ° C

When cleaning, soak the down jacket in cold water for 30 minutes to fully wet the inside and outside. Then put the detergent into 30 ℃ warm water, soak the down jacket for a while, and then brush it gently with a soft brush, so that the down jacket is more clean and beautiful.

5. Do not wring dry

After the down jacket is cleaned, do not wring it dry. Slowly squeeze out the water and then lay it flat to dry. Do not expose it to the sun or iron it to avoid scalding the clothes. After drying, pat gently to make the down jacket fluffy and soft.