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Can a PE teacher be a head teacher? Cause hot discussion among netizens

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On November 14, the head teacher of a school in Hangzhou was questioned by parents. Therefore, in an interview, the school leaders supported teacher Su of the school, 'the little girl is very hard-working and loving to students in all aspects.'

Miss Su said that she used to study football. She thinks she still has extra time to manage the class after completing her homework. Being a head teacher is a challenge to help yourself grow rapidly and try your best to deal with things in the class. Mr. Su also understood the doubts of the outside world, 'I think it's normal to question. Parents want their children to become dragons and their women to become phoenixes. We don't just exercise. I hope to cultivate class cohesion through my own efforts. Parents can see the truth of being a man and serving the class wholeheartedly. "

Whether it is a physical education teacher, a math teacher or an English teacher, the most important thing is the word responsibility. Parents should know more about physical education teachers. There is no ground to doubt that it will only play a negative role.