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How to wash down clothes by machine

In most places, everyone will wear down jacket in winter. Can we use the washing machine to clean the thick and big down jacket when it is dirty? How to machine wash down jacket at home?

How to wash down clothes with washing machine? The reason for the explosion is that the volume of down clothes suddenly increases during dehydration, resulting in insufficient space and explosion. Therefore, for the sake of safety, it is recommended that you choose a washing machine with down washing function. For example, when washing down clothes with a drum washing machine, it is recommended to check whether the manual contains the procedure for washing down clothes.

However, you can pay attention to the washing label inside the clothes before washing any clothes.

At present, washing machines on the market are divided into wave wheel and drum. Among them, the former relies on the positive and negative rotation of the wave wheel designed at the bottom to drive the friction and rotation of clothes for washing. If this washing machine is used to wash the down jacket, the waterproof coating on the outer layer of the down jacket will have a lot of air in the back and forth rotation because of poor air permeability. In particular, during the drying process of the down jacket, a lot of air will be generated instantly but can not be discharged. To a certain extent, it will produce a strong impact, which is easy to burst the washing machine and damage the down jacket or washing machine. The drum washing machine is designed to imitate the principle of hitting clothes with a mallet, so it is safer to clean down clothes.

When washing down clothes with a washing machine, it is best to choose a drum washing machine separately marked with down clothes cleaning function, and put a strong but loose net bag on the down clothes before cleaning, so as to prevent the down clothes from bursting due to excessive expansion.