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Selling women for money to reward female anchor girl's biological father was prosecuted

Original title: crazy! A man in Putian sold a woman for money and rewarded & hellip with the stolen money& hellip;

On November 12, according to the wechat report of the Strait Metropolis Daily, his wife ran away from home. He couldn't raise a son and a daughter by himself, so he sold his daughter! What's more angry is that he rewarded the network anchor with most of the stolen money from selling his daughter.

Recently, in a case of child abduction and trafficking accepted by the people's Procuratorate of Jin'an District, Fuzhou, the father who ruthlessly sold the woman rewarded most of the stolen money to the female anchor.

In November last year, Putian man Lu Moumou wanted to sell his daughter to others to raise on the grounds that his wife ran away from home and he was unable to raise a son and a daughter alone.

In Fuzhou, Chen had the idea of adoption because he was unable to bear children after his son died in 2017.

At the beginning of this year, introduced by Li and Zheng, Chen and his wife, who were eager for children, rushed to the gate of a restaurant in Putian to contact Li and others. After seeing the children's videos and photos, they were satisfied with the basic situation of the children and showed their idea of adoption on the spot.

In February this year, after confirming that the child was in good health, Mr. and Mrs. Chen drove to Putian City and adopted the child in the name of paying Lu 80000 yuan 'nutrition fee'. The buyer and the seller also signed relevant agreements and other materials on the spot.

After selling Kwai Mou, the child sold 80 thousand yuan of stolen money, he spent most of his money on the "fast track" live anchor.

In May this year, Chen went to Yuefeng police station with a birth medical certificate to apply for birth declaration. In the process of handling the birth declaration for him, the police found that Chen provided a forged birth certificate, so they immediately summoned Chen to Yuefeng police station for examination.

At present, the people's Procuratorate of Jin'an District of Fuzhou has prosecuted Lu and others on suspicion of the crime of abducting and selling children.