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When will the 2019 goddess of the moon redo go online lol goddess of the moon redo go online time

When will the hero alliance moon goddess redo go online? The remake of kyauk moon goddess was launched in version 9.23 of the hero League test suit, which also attracted the attention of many players. Do you know the specific online time after kyauk moon goddess remake? The following Xiaobian brought lol moon goddess redo online time. Let's have a look.

Lol moon goddess redo online time:

Diana, the goddess of the moon, went online again in the test clothes version 9.23, and is expected to go online in the official clothes version 9.23 (updated on November 26) or version 9.24 (updated on December 10).

Diana, the goddess of the moon, has always had a very low sense of presence in the professional arena and can only sit on the bench most of the time. The appearance rate of Jiao Yue of the passerby's Bureau is not high, but once the hero develops and takes shape, he has a very terrible assassination ability. Overall, it is not balanced. In order to save her popularity and balance her playing style, fist decided to redo it on a small scale. Recently, the designer announced the redo scheme of version 9.23 of the upcoming online test clothes.