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Guo Xiaoyun, the plucked wool online store, apologized after being accused of plagiarism. All produc

Recently, the up Master of station B collected wool and closed the 'guoxiaoyun flagship store' of fruit farmers' Taobao store, which triggered a heated discussion. Then, 'guoxiaoyun' was accused of copying the information of other stores. Pear video reported that the owner who was copied said, 'why did he copy the pictures and parameters of my products, what was his purpose, and why did he release my mobile phone number? My mobile phone number was exploded at that time, and I also needed to communicate and explain with everyone, which had a great impact on my work, but they never gave me an apology or showed up to tell me anything. "

On November 13, brother Xiaobu said to the pear video that both Xiaobu and his uncle were farmers. Because they were young, his brother responded on behalf of him. The store information was set by a third-party software, and they also tried to negotiate with the opposite merchants. On the evening of November 13, Guo Xiaoyun issued an apology announcement. The announcement said that due to the negligence of tmall during the first operation, he did not carefully check the product information, mistakenly set G to Jin, and did not change the phone. After discovery, he modified the relevant information at the first time. In this regard, Guo Xiaoyun said he was sorry and willing to bear the corresponding responsibility. Now he has taken all products off the shelf and said he 'doesn't want to endure any more'&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;