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Farid joined Zhejiang Guangsha and won numerous awards, nicknamed "Orc"

Orc Farid signed CBA Zhejiang Guangsha for 4.4 million! Farid also joined the CBA. He scored 40 points in the rookie game and won the MVP in the rookie game. Unfortunately, this is an insider monster!

Kenneth & middot; Kenneth faried, born in Newark, New Jersey on November 19, 1989, is an American professional basketball player, professional power forward, nicknamed 'the orc', and now a free agent.

Kenneth & middot; Farid entered the NBA through the draft in 2011 and successively played for the Nuggets, the nets and the Rockets. He was selected as the best rookie team in the rookie season and won the MVP of the All-Star rookie challenge in 2013; In 2014, he participated in the men's Basketball World Cup on behalf of the United States, won the championship and was selected into the best team.