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Ma Sichun wants Liu Haoran to be a bridesmaid netizen: real name envy

On November 13, Liu Haoran and Yang Zi appeared at the Beijing Premiere of about winter. Liu Haoran accidentally revealed the secret of being a 'Bridesmaid' for Ma Sichun. Yang Zi was moved to tears in the process of watching the film. She said she agreed with the line in the film 'it's useless for some people to see it three hundred times, and it's enough for some people to see it three times'. When it came to her view of feelings, she said that' love may have been a pity '.

In the interview, Liu Haoran revealed that he had joked with Ma Sichun privately. When Ma Sichun got married in the future, he should have used up the opportunity to be the best man three times, so he was asked by Ma Sichun to be his' Bridesmaid ', and the immortal friendship was envied by netizens.