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Box horse responded that the sale of dead fish and live fish has been submitted to the regulatory au

Original title: box horse responded to the sale of dead fish posing as live fish: the surveillance video has been submitted to the regulatory authorities

On November 12, in response to the news that Shenzhen hemabantian distribution point sold dead fish as live fish and sold expired food, HEMA replied to the reporter of the Beijing news that the market supervision department went to the store for on-site inspection at the first time, and HEMA has also submitted its relevant internal monitoring video to the supervision department, It believes that the regulatory authorities will make a final and fair conclusion. HEMA said that relevant processes, standards and specifications have been established around vegetables, fruits, frozen fresh, live fresh and other products to ensure the careful implementation of these specifications, which is an important guarantee for controlling food safety risks. To this end, we have established a whole process video monitoring system in the business supermarket working area to strengthen internal supervision and management. In addition, HEMA also said that all sectors of society are welcome to supervise.