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Guo Xiaoyun online store apologized after being accused of plagiarism. The product was not planted i

Original title: the registration information of guoxiaoyun online store is suspected to be copied. The store owner is not a fruit farmer in Sichuan

In the recording, 'Guo Xiaoyun' admitted plagiarism and expressed his willingness to make economic compensation to the plagiarized.

Beijing News Express (reporter Ying Yue) recently, some netizens broke the news that the registration information of "Guo Xiaoyun", a fruit store that was "collecting wool" on Taobao, was suspected of plagiarizing other stores. On the evening of the 13th, a recording of a suspected 'Guo Xiaoyun' calling the plagiarized shopkeeper was exposed. In the recording, 'Guo Xiaoyun' admitted plagiarism and expressed his willingness to make economic compensation to the plagiarized. In addition, 'guoxiaoyun' also admitted that it delivered goods through the fruit supply chain and did not plant it in person.

Evidence of plagiarism of store information provided by respondents

'Guo Xiaoyun': our channel is far beyond your imagination

"If you help me this time, we can cooperate next time. There are various channels in Guangxi, Hunan, and you can't imagine the channels on our side." In the recording exposed by the media, 'Guo Xiaoyun' said that he was willing to make a financial compensation of 500 yuan to the plagiarized party.

Mr. Liu, the shopkeeper who was plagiarized by 'Guo Xiaoyun', told reporters that yesterday, the man who is known as the person in charge of 'Guo Xiaoyun' shop called himself, 'it doesn't sound like we are from Sichuan'. In the recording, the person in charge also said that he was in Zhejiang and claimed that he had found a good supply channel.

Mr. Liu told reporters that on October 26 this year, due to the setting problem, he did not see the difference between 'kg' and 'g', and mistakenly set 4500g to 4500 kg. Therefore, at more than 6 p.m. on November 1, a large number of orders were placed in the store.

According to Mr. Liu, the number of orders placed that night was about more than 100. After many times of communication with tmall Xiaoer, at present, a certain proportion of the amount has been compensated to the customers who placed the orders, and tmall's understanding has been obtained, which has no impact on the subsequent operation of the store.

But at 7 p.m. that day, Mr. Liu, who had taken the wrong goods off the shelf, received a large number of calls, 'all looking for a name & lsquo; Guoxiaoyun flagship store & rsquo; Because there were so many people, I asked how they knew my phone. They said they saw it from Guo Xiaoyun's product parameters. I just reflected that he stole my product '.

Product parameters and business information are suspected of embezzlement

After realizing that his product information may be stolen, Mr. Liu immediately searched 'Guo Xiaoyun' on the Internet. He said that the other party's navel orange information completely copied his own products and even left his own private phone. " This was embezzled without my permission, and 200, 300, 000 articles were spread. "

Mr. Liu showed reporters the screenshots he saved that night. He said that in the column of commodity details, the shipping address and manufacturer contact information of 'Guo Xiaoyun' are the information of Mr. Liu's own store.

In addition, Mr. Liu also showed reporters the pictures of his products. " This was taken in 2016, and they also directly used our pictures. " Mr. Liu said.

For the recording exposed online, the reporter called the flagship store of "Guo Xiaoyun" on the evening of the 13th, but as of the time of publication, the phone had not been connected.

For the practice of 'Guo Xiaoyun', Mr. Liu said that he now hopes to get an apology from the owner of 'Guo Xiaoyun' through official channels.