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The scenic spot offered a reward of 700000 for the second couplet, which was questioned. Where is th

Guangdong Guanyinshan National Forest Park in Dongguan offered a reward of 700000 for the second couplet of a seven character couplet, which attracted people to try, but also triggered a lot of controversy. Some people questioned the suspicion of speculation.

The reporter of Beijing Youth Daily learned from Zou Jihai, vice president of China couplet Association and President of Guangdong couplet society that he produced the couplet, but the award has soared all the way since 2015, but he has not been satisfied. He also responded to questions.

Five years without satisfaction, the second couplet reward has reached 700000

A scenic spot in Guangdong bid 700000 for couplets, which attracted attention and heated discussion. It said that the second couplet collection activity of "viewing landscape on Guanyin Mountain" lasted five years, and there is no ideal second couplet so far.

In 2015, Guangdong couplet Association and Guanyinshan National Forest Park in Dongguan, Guangdong jointly hosted the national second couplet competition of "viewing landscape on Guanyinshan". The bonus soared from 5000 yuan to 700000 yuan, 100000 yuan per word, but still failed to recruit qualified works.

Some netizens questioned, 'this is just a gimmick, disguised advertising.' Some people even say that there may have been a suitable one for a long time, but they don't want to give money. Some netizens who tried to contribute said that they had no submission mailbox and no official announcement, 'how to contribute?'

A netizen in Jiangsu said, 'send an email to their published email, but reject it and return it directly.'

In this regard, a staff member surnamed Guo of the park planning department said that their collection notice was on the website, but the reporter inquired through the website provided by him and said, "can't visit this page."

According to his introduction, more than 30000 contributions have been received since the Mid Autumn Festival this year. "Up to now, there have been calls to inquire about contributions." As for the question of whether it is suspected of speculation, the staff member responded that 'real gold and silver are on the table. As long as you have this strength, you can get it.'

He further explained that the park is only responsible for paying bonuses, and the specific evaluation work is in the charge of Guangdong couplet society.

It's true that 100000 yuan is collected for the second couplet

The reporter of Beiqing daily then contacted Zou Jihai, President of Guangdong couplet society, and he was the person who wrote the couplet.

According to the '700000 couplet requisition notice' sent to the reporter, at the first Dongguan Guanyinshan calligraphy and painting forum in 2015, Mr. Zou Jihai, former full-time vice chairman of Guangdong couplet, vice president of China couplet society, President of Guangdong couplet society and President of Guanyinshan calligraphy and painting academy, improvised an upper couplet at the meeting: 'viewing landscape on Guanyinshan', and many people at the calligraphy and painting forum responded to the second couplet, On the Internet, it also attracted thousands of people to deal with it, which was very lively and numerous. After several years, the bonus has been increased from 5000 yuan to 20000 yuan, but no suitable second couplet has been collected. On the Mid Autumn Festival in 2019, Dongguan Guanyin Mountain scenic spot offered a reward of 70000 yuan for the second couplet, which was due on October 31. Unfortunately, it was still unable to obtain a satisfactory second couplet.

In order to make up for the regret, he vowed to find the best second couplet. After careful consideration, the organizing committee decided to launch it with a reward of 700000 yuan to collect the second couplet of "viewing landscape on Guanyin Mountain" and continue to find the best second couplet with a lot of money.

At that time, Guangdong couplet Association and Guangdong Guanyinshan National Forest Park will organize national famous experts to jointly evaluate. Once adopted, Guanyinshan scenic spot will give the winners 700000 yuan (including tax) in cash! If the best couplet is still not collected within the specified time, 20 excellent couplets will be selected from the draft, each sentence will be awarded 2000 yuan to the author, and the excellent couplet award certificate will be issued.

The notice also announced the participation methods and couplet requirements. The couplet requirements include: the submitted works should be my original works, and shall not be copied or plagiarized; The antithesis is neat, with charm and the same part of speech; We should pay attention to the rules of making sentences, the use of heavy words and proper nouns, and the two interpretation meanings of making sentences; The second couplet must integrate Dongguan Guanyin Mountain scenic spot and be poetic. The deadline is December 31, 2020. Participants need to submit their contributions through email.

Cause the idea on the calligraphy and painting forum initially came up with a reward for fun

Zou Jihai responded to the context of the event: on October 16, 2015, the first 'China Guangdong Guanyinshan calligraphy and painting Forum' was held in Guanyinshan, Dongguan, Guangdong. At 2:00 p.m. on October 15 the night before, considering that there was a written meeting arranged for the forum the next morning, he prepared to prepare a copy for waving. After the idea was conceived, we had to compare the "view of mountains and rivers on Guanyin Mountain", but it was not good to make the next sentence until 12:00 midnight. We wanted to ask the participants to make the next sentence at the forum the next day,

On the morning of the 16th, Huang ganbo, chairman of the park, immediately announced that he would give a reward of 2000 yuan to help the fun. More than 100 people attended the meeting responded positively, but none of them met the requirements. " After the meeting, the sentence solicitation notice was put on the couplets, wechat groups and online, and the bonus was increased to 3000 yuan. However, there were no qualified couplets from the more than 1000 couplets received.

Therefore, Guangdong couplet Association and Guanyinshan National Forest Park in Dongguan, Guangdong jointly hosted the fourth phase of the national collection of the second couplet of "viewing landscape on Guanyinshan". The bonus soared from 5000 yuan in the first phase to 20000 yuan in the fourth phase, but still failed to collect qualified works. From October 31 to November 7, 2019, Guanyinshan National Forest Park in Dongguan, Guangdong offered a reward of 70000 yuan and collected the second couplet from the whole country!

Zou Jihai said, "unfortunately, so far, no good sentence has been obtained." However, Mr. Huang ganbo, chairman of Guangdong Guanyinshan National Forest Park, vowed to obtain the best couplet. After discussing with Guangdong couplet society, he announced at the Symposium on November 7 that "from now until December 31, 2020, he will solicit & lsquo; from all over the world again; View the landscape on Guanyin Mountain & rsquo; The second couplet of offers a reward of 700000 yuan.

Those who responded to the question responded to the suspicion of selling advertisements. There is nothing wrong with the win-win situation between the joint venture and the enterprise

For the suspicion of speculation, Zou Jihai said that there were some doubts in the process of recruitment: first, he thought his couplet was a perfect match and was not adopted because the organizers were unwilling to pay for it and suspected of fraud.

"It should be noted that there are dozens of cultural activities in Guanyin Mountain every year, even several times a year, and the funds invested are not a small number. The gold awards for Federation and tax collection have been as high as 100000. Therefore, there is no doubt that tens of thousands of bonuses will not be spared."

Second, it is believed that the "view of landscape on Guanyin Mountain" is purely for selling advertisements and making gimmicks. He believes that an objective analysis should be made of this, 'what's wrong with Guanyinshan Management Committee's insistence on continuously investing in couplet cultural activities, supporting and promoting couplet cultural undertakings and expanding the influence of couplet culture over the past ten years? At the same time, enterprises expand their influence and improve their popularity and reputation in the cultural activities of couplets. This is a win-win thing for couplets and enterprises. What's wrong? Therefore, there is no need to interpret this point too much. "

It also said that in order to find the best second couplet, Guanyin Mountain will build a scenic spot and engrave the next sentence paired with 'Guanyin Mountain viewing landscape'.

Why is it difficult for the appropriate next couplet to appear? What mechanism needs to be cracked

Many netizens asked: 'why is the second couplet of my pair not adopted?' Why is there no second couplet suitable for pairing so far? "

In this regard, Zou Jihai said: the sentence 'viewing landscape on Guanyin Mountain' is very simple. It is clear at first sight and understood at first reading, but it is very difficult to correctly align these seven words. He believes that the antithetical person may not have carefully read the antithetical notice, so he failed to meet the requirements. And individual couplets are even a little entertaining.

He started from 'basic requirements of couplets';' It puts forward some opinions on the key points and difficulties of the sentence.

Zou Jihai further explained that the basic requirements for collecting couplets in the notice for collecting couplets are that the couplets should comply with the general principles of couplets and be rhymed with flat water. The antithesis is neat, has lasting appeal and has the same part of speech. Pay attention to the use of "dexterity", heavy words and proper nouns. The couplet should be based on the scenic spots of Guanyin Mountain, and it is poetic.

Therefore, according to the above requirements, he believes that the main reasons why a large number of couplets fail to meet the requirements are as follows: first, they do not carefully review the draft notice, or they respond only when they see the sentences, and the sentences are far from the topic; Second, they did not master the knowledge of couplets, and the sentences they responded to did not meet the requirements of couplets; Third, we did not find out where the organ of the sentence was, and failed to conquer the organ in a targeted way; Fourth, forget to use the landscape of Guanyin Mountain to make the right request, so it must be right and wrong.

Finally, he reminded that the following points in the couplet must be clarified before writing:

1. The first and fifth words of the sentence are heavy words. This word should have the part of speech of both name and verb.

2. The second word of the couplet should be a tonal word, otherwise it will be out of rhythm. (if it's an episodic sentence, it's another matter)

3. Words ③ and ⑥ of the sentence are heavy words, which should be tonal words, otherwise it will be out of law.

4. The word ④ of the opposite sentence should be a flat tone word, and it is better to be a location word, otherwise it will be out of law or out of work.

5. The ⑦ word of the conclusion sentence should be flat, otherwise it will be out of law.

6. If the ⑥ and ⑦ word 'landscape' in the sentence has been clearly defined as a parallel phrase and can be transferred, the opposite sentence should also be opposite to the corresponding parallel phrase.