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The African king bought Rolls Royce for 15 wives, with a total value of about 100 million

In November 12th, media reported that the king of Eswatini, the African country, bought 19 Rolls-Royce. According to the media, these luxury cars were purchased for the king's 15 wives. The people of the country have been living in poverty for a long time, and the king's move was criticized as ignoring the hardships of people's life.

King Swati III is 51 years old. He has 15 wives. In order to achieve fairness, the king specially bought a Rolls Royce for each wife. It is said that the price is about 100 million yuan. This Rolls Royce is particularly rare. The current official price is 7 million. After all, it is a luxury car. The overall appearance and cost performance are super.

The king's usual cars are also very luxurious. There are even hundreds of luxury cars, including this Rolls Royce curinan. This is an SUV model with high overall cost performance, very burly and domineering appearance, full of visual effects, and looks more noble with the goddess's car logo. These 15 rolls Royces are also placed in an underground parking garage, They have different colors, which are said to be made according to the preferences of each wife