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Fan Chengcheng smokes after dinner. How does fan Chengcheng respond to indoor smoking

On the 12th, the media exposed a group of pictures recently taken of fan Chengcheng in Shanghai. Fan Chengcheng smoked after dinner. Fan Chengcheng, who had just come out of the airport, returned to the hotel with his assistant and others. After putting down his luggage, he came out with his assistant. Fan Chengcheng, wearing a short sleeved T-shirt with a loose sweater on his shoulder, looked quite leisurely and comfortable.

Soon after, the group came to the hotel. After taking their seats, fan Chengcheng skillfully took the menu and began to order, waiting for the food to be served. People at the table began to enjoy the food. After a mouthful of instant boiled meat, fan Chengcheng showed a satisfied smile. It seems that the food here is very good for his own taste.

After eating, fan Chengcheng got up and sat on the bench by the window. He lit a cigarette and smoked. Smoking in public places has long been banned. Not long ago, many artists were sent to the forefront of the storm because of indoor smoking. The first is tfboys. Wang Yuan was named by many media for smoking indoors. Wang Yuan apologized.

Sun Honglei, Haiqing, baby and others were also photographed smoking indoors and suffered many accusations. However, fan Chengcheng didn't seem to care about many lessons in front of him. When a blogger compared Wang Yuan with fan Chengcheng not long ago, fans also mocked Wang Yuan for smoking and advertised that fan Chengcheng didn't smoke. Unexpectedly, he turned over the car soon. It was a bit of a slap in the face, I wonder how fan Chengcheng will respond?