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Li Jiaqi's studio stated that in response to false publicity, it should face up to the mistakes and

At 5:48 p.m. on November 13, the official microblog of Li Jiaqi studio issued a statement in response to the false publicity storm.

Li Jiaqi admitted that there were mistakes in the process of introducing products in the live studio, and said the 'Yangcheng Champion' hairy crab as' Yangcheng Lake hairy crab ', because' there was a deviation in interpreting the information provided by the merchant '.

In the statement, Li Jiaqi promised that for any subsequent after-sales problems of the product, consumers who buy the product in the live studio can contact Li Jiaqi's' No. 1 link customer service '.

Li Jiaqi apologized to consumers and hoped that consumers and social media would supervise it.

Four hours ago, Li Jiaqi forwarded the microblog and wrote 'take warning, improve yourself and live up to consumer trust'.

Earlier today, Xinjing newspaper published "behind the chaos of anchor with goods: the Commission is generally 20% of sales". After the report was published, it quickly topped the microblog hot search list. So far, the topic has read 590 million and discussed 60000.

In addition, the Beijing News reporter noted that on the same day, 'Baique likes' also entered the hot search list. Some netizens questioned, 'Baique official blog is in black Li Jiaqi'. In this regard, the relevant staff of Baique refused an interview with the Beijing News reporter on the grounds of 'inconvenient response'.