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Box horse responded that dead fish were sold as live fish. I believe there will be a fair conclusion

Box horse responded that dead fish were sold as live fish! Recently, according to the first scene of Shenzhen city channel, the reporter entered the three fresh food distribution companies of "Ding Dong shopping", "daily excellent fresh" and "box horse fresh". The investigation found that there were different problems. Among them, box horse fresh sold dead fish as live fish. For example, the user placed an order to choose "slaughter", and the staff replaced it with dead fish; In addition, there is the problem of selling expired food.

In response to this incident, HEMA Xiansheng responded: "food safety is the bottom line that every food production and operation unit must adhere to, and business reputation is the basis for enterprises to maintain consumption recognition and survival and development. HEMA fresh takes this as its foundation and strives to continuously improve its service ability.

At present, we have established relevant processes, standards and specifications around vegetables, fruits, frozen fresh, live fresh and other products to ensure the careful implementation of these specifications, which is an important guarantee for controlling food safety risks. To this end, we have established a whole process video monitoring system in the business supermarket working area to strengthen internal supervision and management. For this news report, the market supervision department went to the store for on-site inspection at the first time. We have also submitted the relevant internal monitoring videos of our company to the supervision department. We believe that the supervision department will make the final and fair conclusion.

The service is endless, and we always pursue better. HEMA welcomes and humbly accepts all internal or external criticism and supervision, and takes it as an important driving force for our continuous improvement and continuous improvement. "

Source: Phoenix Finance