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Marine pianist China poster marine pianist China commemorative Poster

Marine pianist China poster marine pianist China commemorative Poster

The classic film "pianist on the sea", which will land in national cinemas on November 15, today exposed the commemorative poster of China. This beautiful poster, which perfectly presents the artistic conception of romance and legend, was personally made by the famous poster designer Huang Hai. The picture uses symbolic elements such as ship window, sea, full moon, New York and top hat to show the extraordinary spiritual world of a talented pianist, 'it takes more courage to stay still compared with the downstream and upstream of the world'. On November 9 and 10, the film held a super front screening, which won the praise of the first batch of audiences, 'the whole process of the big screen is full of tears, an eternal classic'.

The cabin view is full of moral of life choice, which leads to hot discussion

The pianist on the sea tells the legendary story of the talented pianist 1900 on the sea. He lived on the ship Virginia all his life and adhered to his spiritual world. The posters in China perfectly fit the romantic plot. The picture composition brings the audience into the cabin perspective of 1900: the silver moonlight sprinkles on the sea, and the tall buildings in Modern New York are outside the cabin window. The top hat flying in the night sky implies that 1900 finally chose never to get off the ship.

Huang Hai, a film poster designer, is recognized as a leader in the industry and has been rated by the media as "raising Chinese film posters to the world level". He has made posters for films such as the great master, the sun also rises, the golden age and I am not the God of medicine. His style is very characteristic and influential.

Huang Hai's Frank inspiration comes from the classic scene in the film: 'after many years, I still clearly remember the scene of 1900 on the trestle, choosing to give up, throw out his hat and bid farewell to New York. Now think about it again, then 1900 became a pure legend. "-- 1900 was a baby abandoned on the ship piano when he was young. He grew up alone on a crowded passenger ship and was used to looking out from the window of the lower cabin. He unexpectedly showed his amazing talent for piano. He could have become famous and broke into the world, but he was absolutely determined to never get off the ship. " Everything was fine on the gangway that day, and I felt great. I was really handsome in that coat. I really planned to get off the ship. It was no problem. Everything was not a problem. What stopped me was not what I could see, but what I couldn't see & hellip& hellip; Where on earth is the end of all this, the end of the world. " 1900's life choice deeply moved the audience all over the world. He was unwilling to drift with the tide and did not need endless temptation. The sea and music were his warmest hometown.

National advanced point projection harvest excellent reputation 4K repair perfect audio-visual lead audience pilgrimage

"Marine pianist" held the national advanced screening on November 9 and 10, ranking first in attendance, leading other new works in the whole November schedule. The first batch of audiences did not hesitate to praise, which made the film obtain the "want to see" expectation index of 410000 viewers, which is worthy of the reputation of classic legend.

With regard to the reputation of the first batch of "marine pianist", the audience also shared their feelings for the first time on the social network: "I don't know how many times I have seen this classic work from small to large, and I will be deeply moved after reading it every time. A ship represents the whole world of a born musical elf. " Many netizens lamented that they once couldn't understand the choice of not getting off the ship in 1900. Now, with the growth of experience, they finally understand the philosophy contained in the film: 'when they watched it in the dormitory more than ten years ago, they couldn't understand why he refused to get off the ship. Now when we look again, we suddenly understand that persistence may require more courage than breakthrough. " Some people said that they were completely punctured by 1900's courage: "we don't have your courage. We can only rise and fall in the sea of people, hold on or let go, meet or lose."

On November 15, "marine pianist" will officially meet with the national audience.

Pianist on the sea: the Virginia 21 years ago will finally sail into the Chinese screen reported on November 11: around 1998, two ships left their names in the world film history. One is called Titanic, which is immortal because of romantic love. The other is the Virginia, from the Italian film pianist at sea. After 21 years, on the 15th of this month, Chinese audiences can finally see the ship and the classic film on the big screen.

Today, the Chinese version poster operated by the famous designer Huang Hai was released. The poster is mainly composed of elements such as the sea, piano keys, cabin, city and hat. It is dark and quiet.

The film tells the story of piano genius 1900. An abandoned baby born on the ship Virginia conquered the world with amazing piano skills, but never left the ship to land in his life. Facing the unknown world, the protagonist 1900 chooses to stay away, immerse himself in his own music world, and finally doesn't leave when the ship is scrapped and blown up.

"Pianist at sea" is from Italian director Giuseppe & middot; Tona Dore, together with the cinema of paradise and the beautiful legend of Sicily, called the director's' space-time trilogy '. Many good films of later generations, such as the city of love and the Great Gatsby, are reproduced through classic scenes to pay tribute to the pianist on the sea.

"Douban top 250" ranked 15th in the film list, with a score of 9.2. Douban fans, who have always been strict, really have a good comment on this film. A total of more than 1.37 million Chinese audiences have watched the film, which is not only convinced by the hero's free and pure soul, but also sad for the tragic ending of his life.

It is reported that there are two common versions of the film. The first version contains more character stories in 165 minutes. Considering the length of the cinema, the audience will see the 125 minute version.

In recent years, many classic Chinese and foreign films have been re launched in 4K version after technical repair. In addition to allowing the audience to make up for the regret of not watching these classics on the big screen, the audience can also watch more detailed character expressions and actions, so as to obtain a better viewing experience.