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Li Jiaqi's studio made a statement in response to the hairy crab incident of "Yangcheng champion"

On November 13, this evening, in view of Li Jiaqi's previous false publicity that "selling Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs is not Yangcheng Lake", Li Jiaqi studio issued a statement saying that Li Jiaqi made a mistake in introducing products in the live studio and said that the "Yangcheng champion" hairy crabs were called "Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs" because the company had a deviation in interpreting the information provided by businesses. If consumers have any after-sales problems, the company will cooperate with the merchant to be responsible to the end.

The statement also said that it would take warning and strengthen management in the selection, recommendation and after-sales links in the future. For any subsequent after-sales problems of the product, consumers who buy the product in the live broadcasting room can contact the "No. 1 link customer service" in Li Jiaqi's live broadcasting room, and our company will cooperate with the merchant to take charge to the end.