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Why was Lin Zhiling's wedding banquet boycotted? Is it inappropriate for the art museum to consider

It was revealed on the Internet that Lin Zhiling's wedding banquet was boycotted. What's the matter? Who is boycotting it? It is reported that because Lin Zhiling chose the wrong place to hold the wedding banquet, Tainan art museum is a historic site and is worried about being ruined, so she resisted it to hold the wedding banquet there.

On November 17, Lin Zhiling and her husband will hold a wedding in Taiwan. Because her father was born in Tainan, she set the wedding place in Tainan. It is reported that the specific location of Lin Zhiling's wedding has also been held for Tainan Art Museum. But now the matter has attracted controversy.

Some people questioned Lin Zhiling's improper practice of holding a wedding in the art museum, believing that it was an act of spoiling historic sites; The other side believes that Lin Zhiling's wedding will be a great opportunity to promote tourism. However, the art museum said that at present, there is no lease contract signed in the museum. As for the specific wedding place, Lin Zhiling has not given an accurate reply, and everything should be subject to the official declaration.

Lin Zhiling didn't want to disturb the outside world. Her wish to invite a few relatives and friends to a small wedding is going to fail. If you really want to hold a wedding in the art museum, I'm afraid the press will surround the place. There's no way. Who makes Lin Zhiling so popular?