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Blessed are those with small ears? What's the fate of people with small earlobes

Blessed are those with small ears? People often say that the size of the earlobe represents a person's fortune. People with large earlobes are often blessed. Do you know that people with small ears are blessed? What about people with small earlobes? Let's have a look

Blessed are those with small ears:

In terms of luck, small ears are really bad, because it is difficult for such ears to get happiness. It is also said that this kind of ear will not only make a person have bad luck, but may even lead to a decline in his own luck, so we must pay attention to improving his luck.

1. Gas field

In face, a man with small ears often has bad fortune, because it is difficult for such ears to accumulate wealth.

2. Career

From the perspective of Feng Shui, men with small ears are usually mediocre in their career. They work very hard, but they are also difficult to develop and improve their status.

3. Gas field

If a person's ears are relatively small, then the person's aura is often not very good.

What is the fate of people with small ears:

1. Easily emotional

According to face, men with small ears will be more delicate in emotion and are prone to emotional situations. In addition, men with small ears generally have soft ears, are easy to be persuaded by relatives and friends, and are easy to have no personal opinions. This is not only their advantages but also their disadvantages. Men who pay attention to feelings will be more attractive, but if they pay too much attention to feelings, they seem too small-minded and easy to act impulsively. They lose discretion in dealing with things and are not understood in the end.

2. Delicate and sensitive mind

Men with small ears are usually delicate and sensitive. They are prone to pessimism, whether in daily life or in their career, but they are easy to be pessimistic and frustrated when they encounter unpleasant things, and feel that life has lost its direction. In addition, they are also so delicate that they can be more careful and considerate when treating their partners, but they must pay attention to giving each other a certain private space, grasp the limits of feelings, and don't be eager for quick success and instant benefits, but give each other a sense of bondage.

3. The vision is not long enough

Most men with small ears are very pessimistic. It's easy to be unhappy because of some small things. Compared with ordinary people, his nervousness will lead him to think pessimistically. Therefore, we need to pay more attention to getting along with such people, otherwise it is easy to be misunderstood by him. However, they are generally very cautious and pay attention to details, so their work is not easy to make mistakes. But if we can be broad-minded and take a long-term view, there will be a bright future.