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What do you mean by wickers at the door? What's the moral

There are many taboos and legends among the people. Take the ordinary wicker for example. The people think that wicker can ward off evil spirits. Can you put wicker in your home? Let's have a look

What does it mean to put wickers at the door:

1. Wicker has the homonym of "stay", which means "stay". It is just a common image in Farewell Poems in ancient Chinese poetry, hoping that the farewell people will stay.

2. Among the folk customs, there is the custom of inserting willows to ward off evil spirits, which plays the role of town house. Choose a good day and hang wickers on both sides of the gate, which can protect the town house from evil.

Can't you put wickers at home

1. If the wicker is hung on both sides of the gate, there is a saying of inserting willows to ward off evil spirits;

2. There are also many taboos for putting wicker at home. If it is placed in the living room or under the bed, it is very harmful to human health.

What do you say about planting willows at home

Although willows are the most effective to ward off evil spirits, many dining courtyards will plant willows to increase customs, but ordinary people's family courtyards are not suitable for planting willows.

1. Because willow is homonymous with Liu, the meaning is not good. There is a folk saying that planting willow will lead to people's loss of money, and planting willow will let the money flow out of the family.

2. There is also a saying that willows belong to Yin. Planting willows in the family courtyard will make the people living here lose their vitality and vitality, and the strange ancient corpses spread by famous families often appear under the willows. Therefore, if there are willows in the house, it's best to pull them out.