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Tencent advertising apology Tencent advertising wrong advertising material apology and compensation

on November 13, Tencent announced in an advertising statement that there was an error in uploading auto advertising materials in the circle of friends advertising this morning, and Tencent conducted internal investigation and handling of advertising for the first time.

Tencent advertising found out that at 9:00 today, due to the omission of an auto industry service provider in East China zone 2 of Tencent advertising, there was a misbroadcasting of advertising materials when docking with the advertising of auto circle of friends in Ningbo.

After receiving the feedback, Tencent immediately offline relevant advertisements in terms of advertising.

Tencent advertising said it was sorry for the trouble caused to customers and users this time. For the advertising money and other related losses caused by this material error, we will also jointly bear the corresponding liability with the service provider&# 8203;&# 8203;