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Which is genuine, new Bailun or new balun? Which is better, new baron or new Baron

Which is better, new baron or new Baron? Speaking of these two brands, many people are easy to confuse them. Their shoe labels are very similar, but they are completely different. Which is better, new Bailun and new balun? Let's have a look

Which is genuine, new Bailun or new balun

Nubalun does not belong to the products of new Bailun. Nubalun is a famous brand registered in China. NewBaron is certainly not the genuine shoes of new baron.

1. Different brands.

New Baron and new Baron belong to two brands, and their prices are also different. New Baron is generally more expensive than new baron.

2. NewBaron is the former agent of NewBaron in China.

NewBaron is domestic. It used to be an agent of 'new balance' in China. Now the two are split. It is called 'new balance' in English. New Baron is the orthodox running shoe of the United States.

3. The signs are different.

As for the logo, there is an 'n' word on the shoes. This' n 'is different. One is dynamic and the other is solid.

Which is better, new baron or new Baron

It's better to choose new Bailun, but they are similar. We must pay attention to the differences when buying.

(1) Xinbailun, English new balance, is a pure American sports brand.

(2) NewBaron, Pinyin newbarlun, is a famous brand registered in China.

There is also a story of 'afterlife' and 'predecessor' here.

This "New York" was used by a US'New balance'company as an exclusive agent in Chinese mainland. Because of the violation of the rules of the distributor in the agent, the company has cancelled the exclusive agency right after the discovery, but during this period, the trademark of "new" has been registered in the country by the agent. Therefore, when the American 'new balance' company returned to the Chinese market in 2003, new balance finally made a strong determination to change its Chinese logo from 'NewBaron' to new baron.

'new Bailun' literally fits the English name, and also contains the meaning of Nirvana and rebirth. Now the U.S. head office has cancelled its agency and directly operates its business in the mainland market. " NewBaron 'is no longer the brand of' new balance ', and the shoes it sells are no longer goods produced under the authorization of American companies.