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Why can't hamsters have a pair? What do hamsters need to pay attention to

Why can't hamsters have a pair? Hamster is a very lovely little animal. Many friends have hamsters, but hamsters themselves are really very delicate. If you don't pay attention, they will die. So do you know why you can't keep a pair of hamsters? Let's have a look

Why can't hamsters have a pair

Because hamster is a solitary animal and has a strong sense of territory. When two hamsters are raised together, they will fight, and they will give up until one of them dies.

As for the businesses or some people reflected by netizens, they raise several together, which is also a short-term situation. They will fight for a long time, which is determined by their natural habits.

In addition, two male rats cannot be raised together, two female rats cannot be raised together, and one male and one female cannot be raised together. Each hamster has a certain family area and lives alone. Only during estrus can the male and female meet to complete mating, and then live alone.

In short, hamsters are best kept alone. If they want to be kept together, they need to pay attention to prevent fighting.

How to raise hamsters is not easy to die:

(1) It is forbidden to feed human food. Too much salt and too much seasoning will increase the physical burden of rats.

(2) Direct contact with the sun is prohibited. Hamsters are very afraid of heat. In summer, heat sinks or marble can be used to relieve their summer heat.

(3) If not necessary, do not wash the body of rats.

(4) Do not keep female and male rats in cages. The reproductive ability of rats is very considerable; In addition, hamsters are easy to fight until they kill each other.

(5) It is forbidden to use feed from unknown sources. Please discard it and do not feed it!

(6) Hamsters are not allowed to drink raw water. Please let them drink boiled cold water.

(7) It is forbidden to use bamboo chopsticks, popsicles and other things to make rats grind their teeth. Please use the special grinding supplies and feed for rats on the market.

(8) It is forbidden to use newspapers, tissue paper, etc. as bedding materials. There is too much ink in the newspaper and there is bleach in the tissue paper.

(9) It is forbidden to keep rats in a too small space. The space should at least have rollers, water bottles, food basins, nests and other supplies.

1. Feeding environment

The most suitable temperature is 20-28 ℃. Avoid direct sunlight or direct gale, but pay attention to ventilation. Don't get too close to TV, stereo and computer. Hamsters can hear sounds that humans can't hear. Radiation and noise should be avoided.

2. Winter: don't put it outdoors. Hamsters will hibernate because it's too cold. Lay more wood chips and other bedding materials, and configure wooden or grass huts for hamsters to keep warm. Or give more napkins and let the hamster make its own nest. The simplest way is to put the whole cage into a carton or plastic box, but pay attention to ventilation.

3. Summer: it's best not to turn on the air conditioner, because if you turn off the air conditioner when you go out and turn on the air conditioner when you enter the house, the temperature difference in the house will be too large. Hamsters are very sensitive to temperature and are easy to catch a cold.