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How often is it appropriate to wash down jacket in winter? Correct cleaning method of down jacket in

In winter, down jacket is our essential warm clothes. It is very warm and light. But we also know that down jacket is not easy to clean. The more times you wash it, the less warm it will be, so it's best not to wash it often. So do you know how often it is appropriate to wash down clothes? How to clean down jacket best? The following Xiaobian will take you to understand the correct cleaning method of down jacket. Let's have a look.

An American magazine pointed out that it is enough to wash down clothes twice a winter. Washing too many times will lead to broken down, caking and decreased warmth retention. Today's down jacket fabrics are mostly coated with polymer slurry, which is easier to clean. For down jackets that are not too dirty, gently wipe the stains with a toothbrush dipped in alcohol, and then wipe them with a towel dipped in clean water.

Cleaning step 1:

Before cleaning, first pour an appropriate amount of cold water into the basin, then add a little washing powder or washing liquid, put the down jacket into the basin, soften it a few times by hand, and let it fully immerse in the water, and then add a little warm water, but the water temperature should not be too high, otherwise the down jacket will be scalded, and then let the down jacket soak for about an hour or two. The soaking time of down jacket should not be too long, and 1-2 hours is the most appropriate.

Cleaning step 2:

After soaking, you can start cleaning. Washing by hand is very slow, and you will feel very tired after a long time. Therefore, you can use some small tools during cleaning. You can use a silk towel or towel to wet the towel in the basin, then pave the down jacket and wipe it with a wet towel. In this way, you can scrub the inside and outside of the down jacket, Just wash it with clean water.

Cleaning step 3:

After washing, wring the water by hand. Don't use the edge too much, otherwise it will hurt the down jacket. Wring the water dry, hang it up with a clothes hanger, remember to flatten the down jacket, and pay attention not to expose it when drying, which will damage the original texture of the clothes. Down jacket should not be cleaned frequently. Special attention should be paid to it. It can be cleaned twice a year.

When cleaning the down jacket, remember to wash it by hand. If there is oil stain on the down jacket, you can brush it slowly with a soft brush first, which is easier to clean. I hope you can make complaints about the love of Tucao and comments.