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Why doesn't the warm baby get hot? Causes of non fever of warm baby and precautions for sticking war

In winter, we all like to use warm babies to keep warm, especially by the majority of female friends, but sometimes we find that warm babies don't get hot. Why? Why does warm baby get hot? Let's take you to understand the reasons why warm babies don't get hot and the precautions for sticking warm babies. Let's have a look.

Why doesn't warm baby get hot?

1. It hasn't been torn yet. It's hot until it's torn

The heating raw material in warm baby is a polymer synthesized from iron powder, activated carbon, vermiculite, inorganic salt and water. It starts to be airtight, and tearing open the open adhesive layer can immediately react with oxygen in the air and produce exothermic reaction. This reaction process begins when the vacuum package is opened. Do not unpack, do not touch the air, will not heat.

Warm baby should take off the layer of paper stuck on the outside, and then stick this side on his clothes. Also, the clothes inside can only be a very thin layer at most, such as autumn clothes, autumn pants or underwear.

2. The product itself is out of date or has quality problems

If you tear it without heating, it is basically expired or quality problem. When buying warm babies online, you must see the date of warm babies. Now warm babies are cheaper and there are more sellers. There are always some illegal vendors to deceive consumers for their interests. Generally, warm babies will have a fever time of three to four hours after they get hot. If they are not hot, they may buy expired products.

If your warm baby can't feel the heat, tear it off to see if the hole is open. If it is open, wait for a while. If it is still not hot, it will fail. Remember to buy genuine. After all, you should stick it on your body for several hours when you use it. You must ensure that it is within the validity period. Expired ones may cause danger or have expired. Expired ones may not be hot when you use them.

3. It has been posted for a long time

The general use time of warm baby is 12 hours. After the use time, it is basically not hot. You can change it if necessary.

Why does warm baby get hot

Tear open the warm baby's plastic bag and have a look. You can see that the outermost is a tight airtight transparent plastic bag. Uncover the transparent adhesive film. Inside is a white non-woven bag containing black powder - a mixture of fine powders such as iron, vermiculite, activated carbon, water and salt. The heat to warm the baby comes from the black powder. Warm baby fever is actually a chemical reaction.

Many chemical reactions release heat in the reaction process, which is called 'exothermic reaction'. For example, at the construction site, when workers water quicklime, they can immediately see the phenomenon of heat generation, which is because the exothermic reaction occurs when quicklime (calcium oxide) becomes mature with water and lime (calcium hydroxide). For another example, in the early years, the flash lamp was called magnesium light lamp, which was the violent combustion of metal magnesium powder - oxidation reaction, and quickly released heat, light and heat. Warm baby can get hot, mainly due to fine iron powder. When leaving the factory, the iron powder is tightly wrapped by a transparent plastic bag to isolate the air. After uncovering the transparent adhesive film, the oxygen in the air contacts the iron powder through the non-woven bag. Under the catalysis of water and salt, iron powder undergoes oxidation reaction and becomes iron oxide (Fe2O3). Since this oxidation reaction is an exothermic reaction like the oxidation reaction of metal magnesium, heat will be released. But the iron powder is oxidized gradually, so the exothermic reaction is continuous and slow, unlike the violent combustion of metal magnesium powder.

Note: don't worry, the black powder in the warm baby non-woven bag is harmless to the human body, and the ferric oxide generated after the oxidation of iron powder is also harmless to the human body, so warm baby is very safe.

Precautions for using warm baby stickers

1. Pregnant women, infants, not recommended;

2. People with diabetes and blood circulation disorders should pay special attention when using them.

3. Do remember to stick it on the outside of your underwear and do not directly contact your skin;

4. The maximum heating temperature of warm baby can reach about 60-70 degrees, and the sustainable time can reach 112 hours. It is not recommended to use it when sleeping at night;

5. If it is only for heating, it is recommended to stick it on the back;

6. If it is to relieve pain, stick it wherever it hurts. The principle is not to directly contact the skin.