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Benshan's daughter responded to cosmetic surgery and revealed that she had suffered from depression

Original title: Zhao Benshan's daughter responded to cosmetic surgery: I'm an entrepreneur, not an actor, and I don't need to be set up

It was reported on November 13. Recently, a video of Zhao Yihan's interview was exposed on the Internet. In the video, Zhao Yihan revealed her heart and said that she had been living in other people's eyes and minds. She was completely different from herself in other people's imagination. Zhao Yihan said, 'what kind of person I imagine I am, others don't know, and others don't recognize'. Qiuqiu confesses that his goal now is to be a good company, become an entrepreneur and make money, so that finally he has children. He can be particularly proud to say that his mother is raising you, not his grandfather. In the interview, Qiuqiu confessed that he had recovered from depression and bipolar disorder. He just wanted to stop relying on his father and said, 'making money can bring a sense of security'. Not only that, Qiuqiu also signed a five-year contract with his agent. If he doesn't fall in love and concentrate on his career within five years, he will be fined 500 million for breach of contract.

Zhao Benshan's daughter Qiu Qiu started as an anchor when she studied in Singapore. Later, Zhao Benshan brushed gifts for her daughter in the live broadcasting room, and the relationship between them was exposed. Then a series of negative news about Qiu Qiu's cosmetic surgery came out. Qiu Qiu also said that he had made fine-tuning in the live broadcasting room, and the character controversy has been constant. In his early media interviews, Qiuqiu revealed that he was suffering from depression and bipolar disorder and had entered the stage of drug control treatment.