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Ma Yun denied data fraud, saying: extremely accurate

Original title: someone suspected double 11 data fraud? Ma Yun: in the data age, every point can't be fake

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On November 13, the surging news reporter learned from Alibaba that Ma Yun, as the president of Zhejiang Merchants Association, had an "unplanned" dialogue with CCTV host Dong Qian when attending the Zhejiang merchants conference. It was revealed that this form was temporarily decided by him before he came to power.

Ma Yun was at the scene as a 'platform' for China's economy. He said that Wall Street had previously predicted that the growth rate of double 11 would be 20%. They thought that China's consumption was sluggish and China's economy was in recession. " In fact, the growth rate of (tmall) double 11 is 25.7%. Some people still doubt whether the data is false. I assure you that every minute in the data age can't be false. "

Ma Yun said that this year's double 11 is mainly disturbed by two factors: one is that the weather is too hot; One is Monday. I hope the double 11 countries can give half a day off in the future.

In the just concluded tmall double 11, the whole day turnover was 268.4 billion yuan, setting a new record again.

On November 12, a screenshot predicting the total turnover of tmall's double 11 in 2019 was circulated on the Internet. This blog post released on April 24 predicts that the transaction volume of tmall's double 11 in 2019 may be 267.537 billion yuan or 268.9 billion yuan. This figure is very close to the turnover of RMB 268.4 billion of tmall's double 11 in 2019. Further, the total turnover of double 11 was questioned as fraud.

In response, on the afternoon of November 12, tmall spokesman Peng Mei sent a document to respond to the matter, saying, 'this prediction looks really & lsquo; Bluff & rsquo; Ah. According to the netizen's logic, what conforms to the statistical trend is false. Then the world's economic aggregate can also be predicted, and is economic development false? " Peng Mei further said: 'it is concluded that tmall's double 11 data fraud is a rumor and should be held legally responsible.

In his speech on November 13, Ma Yun also mentioned that 'double 11 is not the success of Ali, but the success of China's domestic demand. Today, China's domestic demand gives us great confidence, and all this has just started. "

Ma Yun predicted that the next domestic demand is a once-in-a-lifetime gold mine in China. How to explore this once-in-a-century 'gold mine', Ma Yun talked about his thoughts on China's economy as an entrepreneur.

First of all, he suggested vigorously developing modern finance and establishing a new financial system for the future. The aorta of banks is doing well, but today's Chinese finance still lacks capillary system.

In addition, we should really vigorously develop modern service industry. Ma Yun judged that in the future, the driver of job creation is not manufacturing, but modern service industry.

Finally, Ma Yun called on all ministries and commissions to introduce more real policies rather than documents. In his opinion, the document stipulates that we can't do this or that, while the policy is to stimulate people's enthusiasm, stimulate people's efforts and encourage the development of new things.

When asked by host Dong Qian, 'aren't entrepreneurs trying to make money', Ma Yun said, 'society has a great misunderstanding about entrepreneurs doing business. They always think that entrepreneurs want to make more money. This is a huge misunderstanding.' For entrepreneurs, Ma Yun wants to 'correct their names' and' in fact, what I see in them is feelings, not how to make money, but how to face future challenges. '