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Macao has issued a big red envelope, which can be obtained by both permanent and non permanent resid

Original title: Macao issued another red envelope: permanent residents received mop 10000 per person

According to Macao Daily reported on November 12, on the same day, Macao chief executive Cui Shian announced that in 2020, Macao will distribute 10000 Macao yuan (about 8687 yuan) to each permanent resident and 6000 Macao yuan (about 5212 yuan) to non permanent residents.

It is reported that Cui Shian attended the plenary meeting of the Legislative Council at 3 p.m. today (November 12) to summarize the government administration work of the Macao SAR for the fiscal year this year and introduce the budget arrangement for the fiscal year 2020.

Macao will distribute at least mop 6000 to each resident next year

According to the arrangement, it is suggested to continue cash sharing and other measures to benefit the people in the next step, with mop 10000 per permanent resident and mop 6000 per non permanent resident; Continue to open individual provident fund accounts for qualified Macao residents, inject mop 10000 start-up funds into new accounts, and continue to inject budget surplus into individual provident fund accounts of residents, with a special allocation of mop 7000.