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Speed and passion 9: the original cast returns to play

Original title: speed and passion 9, director Lin Yibin called it the 'most ambitious'

Recently, director Lin Yibin took photos on social media and announced the completion of the film speed and passion 9: 'it's officially turned off. This is the most ambitious film in the series so far'. It is reported that the film will be released in North America on May 22, 2020.

Speed and passion 9 by Fan & middot; Diesel leads the lead, the original cast continues to play, Charlize & middot; Theron returns to play the villain cipher. Caddy & middot; B also participated in the film, but the specific role was not disclosed.

Earlier, foreign media reported that Paul & middot; Walker plays Brian & middot; O'Connor may return to speed and passion 9. The crew is currently casting Brian's double, but Universal Pictures has not responded to the news.