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What is shut up? Removal method of closed mouth

Skin problems are the most important and troublesome problems for girls. Rough skin, large pores and long acne will not only affect our appearance, but also make people feel bad. Many people have seen the skin grow small particle bulges. These small particle bulges are closed, so what is closed? How to remove closed mouth? This article brings you the method of removing silence.

What is shut up

It is also a very small mouth sore hidden under the skin, which can turn red and swollen, and may also become metabolites. Closed production is due to the blockage of waste cortex in pores, resulting in the increase of hair follicles. It has a lot to do with women's own hormone secretion. Dirty things can cause mouth closure. For example, cosmetics are not clean enough.

Will it slowly disappear?

The closure will disappear, it will gradually become smaller, and other dead cells will leave together. Because it will not have serious inflammation, dermal cells will gradually calm down. But silence is also easy to break out again and again. Women need to continue to maintain skin health and life rules.


Method of removing closure

1. Choose cosmetics

Some substances in cosmetics will stimulate the skin, especially cosmetics. We should choose products with quality assurance. Usually do not use too much makeup, causing skin circulation.

2. Adjust work and rest

Stay up late for a few days and you'll find your skin getting worse and worse. Shut up and you're finished, because when the body can't rest, the blood circulation will weaken and fire will accumulate, so the skin will not be in good condition.

3. Deep cleaning

Some girls have slow cortical metabolism and are more likely to grow a closed mouth, which requires additional regular skin cleaning. Cleaning facial mask can quickly remove old keratin.