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Elephants die in deadly drought Zimbabwe is suffering from severe drought

Original title: 120 elephants die in drought Zimbabwe will migrate a large number of wild animals

On November 12, according to the Central News Agency, on November 11 local time, Zimbabwe's wildlife management authorities said they would migrate hundreds of elephants and other wild animals to avoid their death from the deadly drought. Over the past two months, Zimbabwe has experienced one of the worst droughts in history. At least 120 elephants have died.

"We are moving 600 elephants, two lion herds including 5 to 10 lions, a pack of African hounds, 50 Buffalo, 40 giraffes and 2000 impala," said faravo, a spokesman for the Zimbabwe National Park and wildlife administration

It is reported that these animals will migrate from a large national park in southeastern Zimbabwe to three other game reserves.

Faravo said that this will be the largest relocation operation in Zimbabwe's history, and the relocation operation has been approved.

He pointed out that the relocation operation will start from the 'rainy season, when grass and leaves have gradually flourished'. It is understood that the rainy season in Zimbabwe usually begins in mid November.

Faravo added: 'we want to avoid migrating animals, who are still starving in their new habitat due to lack of food.'

Authorities announced the move after dozens of elephants died in the Wanji game reserve in northwestern Zimbabwe.

In addition, it is reported that hungry elephants often leave wildlife areas and attack human villages in Zimbabwe in order to find food, which poses a threat to human communities.

Faravo revealed that the 'conflict between humans and animals' has killed 200 people in the past five years.