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How to judge yourself as mixed skin? Common misunderstandings of mixed skin care

As soon as many people enter the autumn and winter weather, their skin begins to deteriorate. In particular, the mixed skin is changing with the season, and the cosmetics used are also selected according to the season. It's really annoying. So how do you judge yourself as mixed skin? What are the common misunderstandings of mixed skin care? Let's take a look at it!

1. How to judge yourself as mixed skin?

Cruelly tell you that at least 70% of the girls smashing in China are mixed skin, that is, T-zone oil and u-zone (cheek) dry. To judge what kind of skin you are, you can test it like this: after taking a bath, don't apply anything, sit quietly for an hour, take an oil absorbent paper, press it in the T area, and find oil! Then take out another one and press it in the U area (cheek). There is no oil and some dandruff. Then you are a sad mixed skin~

There are two kinds of mixed skin with different properties at the same time. Generally, it is oily in the forehead, nasal wing and chin, with thick pores and more oil secretion, while other parts, such as cheeks, show the characteristics of dry or neutral skin.

The skin changes with the environment, climate, temperature and physical condition. Everyone's skin type is constantly changing, so we should carry out skin care according to their different skin type needs at each stage~

In particular, the mixed skin, which changes its face all the time, becomes partial mixed oil in summer and even turns into oil skin, which is even comparable to Daqing oil field. It dries in winter and even explodes, Spring and summer seasons also become a variety of oily and dry sensitive muscles. Thanks to God, I can try all skin care products, oil control, moisturizing, soothing and sensitive. Life is so wonderful~~~

2. Mixed skin troubles

(1) First of all, the nature of the whole face is different. I have to buy several copies of skin care products every minute. My wallet has never been bulging

(2) If cosmetics want to be dry, u area will peel. If they are too moisturizing, they will be glossy. Can this pain SEI endure?!!

(3) T area refers to the pain of oily skin, and u area refers to the pain of dry skin

3. Common misunderstandings of mixed skin care

(1) Because there is too much oil on my face, I should often wash my face with oil control cleanser--- If you wash your face too often, it will damage the skin sebum film, and don't choose an oil control facial cleanser that is too alkaline, otherwise it will hurt the skin. It is recommended to use mild weak acid facial cleanser. When washing your face, wash your face with warm water. This will not stimulate the skin, but also help clean your face more thoroughly.

(2) The pores are so thick. There are a lot of blackheads. I want to go to blackheads often! Once the pores are thick, they will not shrink. What we can do is to keep clean and replenish water to make them look small ~ but we can't blindly use strong cleaning products to remove blackheads.

(3) It's easy to get acne and shut up. I want to brush acid often--- Acid brushing is indeed a popular skin care method recently, but acid can soften and peel off cutin. Some people therefore explode acne or become sensitive muscles in a large area. Don't follow the trend of acid brushing without doing a good skin test and homework.

(4) The oil must be because the bottom layer of the skin is too dry. I want to replenish water! --- " The skin is too dry, so the skin system will automatically secrete oil to avoid excessive water shortage. At this time, it needs to replenish water! In fact, this has a certain basis, but we can't make up water blindly, and we can't use too many oil control products because of too much oil. The standard should be that you feel no oil, no dry and comfortable enough.