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Can't you really lose weight with heavy moisture? List of the causes of heavy moisture and the best

In daily life, moisture will enter our body for various reasons. We all know that moisture is harmful to our health. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, when the moisture in the body is too heavy, the body may not be able to discharge toxins in time. Over time, it is easy to cause fat accumulation and increase the burden on the intestines and stomach. If the moisture in your body is too heavy, your body will become bloated, and you will feel fat when you drink water, but in fact, it is all caused by moisture. " People with heavy moisture can't lose weight! So do you know the reason for the heavy moisture? Do you know how to dispel dampness best? Let's take a look at it!

Causes of heavy moisture

1、 No ventilation in air conditioning room

Is it comfortable in an air-conditioned room in summer? In fact, staying in an air-conditioned room for too long without ventilation is easy to cause physical discomfort. The quality of the air without ventilation will deteriorate and destroy the internal circulation of the body, which will make the body uncomfortable and cause health problems.

2、 Irregular diet

Most of the time, illness comes from the mouth. If you don't pay attention to it in your diet, it will cause physical health problems. If you always eat cold drinks, it is easy for your body to absorb excessive cold. If you take shares in this cold without timely elimination, it is easy to hurt your internal organs. Heavy moisture is caused by this.

3、 Bad living habits

There are many bad living habits that will cause heavy moisture in the body, such as not keeping warm and often staying up late. Not keeping warm can easily slow down the blood of the body, and there will be serious palace cold and blood deficiency, which will become obese and cause many diseases of the body. Staying up late for a long time is also easy to cause metabolic disorders of the body, Staying up late will increase toxins in the body and make moisture heavier, affecting the speed of weight loss.

4、 I don't like exercise

People who like exercise look different. People who don't like exercise can see from their skin that they don't like exercise. People who don't sleep on time are most prone to sub-health. Sub-health is easy to cause physical discomfort, and moisture is also the most easy to increase.

How to dispel dampness best

1、 Body scraping

It's good to give the body more scraping. Scraping can promote the increase of capillaries, which is very effective in dispersing the moisture of the body. When scraping, you can use essential oil to smear, up, down, left and right, and scrape 10 times in each direction.

2、 Take more naps

Do you have the habit of taking a nap? In fact, taking a nap is a good habit. Taking a nap can well help the body Nourish Qi. An overly tired body hurts Qi and blood. This is not only bad for the body and can't lose weight, but also reduces the metabolism of the day. If you work overtime at night, the degree of fatigue will be deeper and affect the quality of work, Taking more naps can not only promote the metabolic cycle of the body, but also improve the essence, Qi and spirit!

3、 Sweat steaming

After the arrival of summer, we must carry out more sweat steaming. More sweat steaming can well promote the detoxification effect of the body. Using the high-temperature environment, the body can emit moisture in the body, dredge the metabolism of the body, greatly improve the discharge speed of moisture and help reduce fat!

4、 Aerobic exercise

At ordinary times, do more aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise can not only promote the metabolic cycle of the body, but also promote fat combustion, greatly accelerate the fat deposition of the body, reduce the accumulation of moisture in the body, and easily help lose weight.