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What does the redness and whiteness of the palm mean? What are the causes of cold hands and peeling

Every organ of the human body reflects our physical health. In daily life, we will find that some of the people around us have red palms, white palms, cool hands and peeling palms. So do you know what these phenomena reflect? Do these different situations represent problems in our physical health? Today, Xiaobian will take you to understand and see if there are problems in our health.

Red palms and fingers, liver problems

Many human diseases can be reflected by changes in the palm of the hand. In medicine, there is a sign of disease called 'liver palm', also known as' iron sand palm '. The main symptom is that people's palm is red, especially the fingers and thenar are red. At this time, it can be seen that there is a problem with the liver, and the problem is serious.

So, with such symptoms, what should we do? First, go to the hospital to see a doctor. After professional judgment, you can apply the medicine to the case. Generally, when you can directly see the problem from your hand, the disease is already serious. You can't think that you can take some medicine casually.

Pale palms and nails, symptoms of anemia

If the palm is pale and the fingernails are also very pale, it can be judged that the person may have anemia. With these diseases, we must first find a professional doctor for diagnosis to see if we really suffer from anemia. If we really suffer from anemia, we should treat it in time; In addition, you can eat more blood tonic foods such as Angelica sinensis and donkey hide gelatin.

It is worth noting that if there is a pestle like finger (the outermost section of the finger is smooth and thick like a hammer), the five fingers become thick and round, indicating that the human body is in a state of hypoxia for a long time, such as asthma, chronic cough and congenital heart disease.

Cold hands, blood circulation problems

Some people will find it cold when they touch the palm of their hand. What's the matter?

Cold palms mean poor blood circulation, poor peripheral circulation and insufficient blood supply. If you can't transfer enough energy to your palms, there will be a symptom of cold hands. Like people in shock, the blood can't circulate normally, and their hands and feet will be cold. In addition, some women are prone to cold hands because women have thin blood vessels and low blood pressure.

If there is a problem with blood circulation, such symptoms can also appear on the palm. The palm is numb and the palm blood vessels are black and blue. In particular, the palm blood vessels are black and blue, which can also indicate that the blood circulation of the whole person is not good, especially the blood circulation to the heart is not good.

People with cold hands can exercise more and bask in the sun to make them feel comfortable and keep their Qi and blood unblocked. They can also use traditional Chinese medicine for conditioning. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that cold hands and feet are lack of Qi and blood, so it is necessary to replenish blood and Qi. Qi promotes the circulation of blood to the extremities. If the circulation is sufficient, it will naturally warm up. Citizens may wish to eat more blood gas foods, such as Astragalus, angelica, dangshen, cinnamon, donkey hide gelatin, mutton, etc.

Palms and fingers are easy to peel and lack vitamin B

Some people often think that the peeling of their palms and fingers is caused by dry weather. In fact, it's not. There's a big problem.

Palms and fingers are prone to skin loss, indicating that they are caused by vitamin deficiency, especially the lack of B vitamins. In addition, the factor causing peeling may be fungal infection, such as tinea of palm and fingers, which will cause peeling.

If you don't have peeling caused by ringworm on your hands, you should supplement vitamin B2 at ordinary times. Don't be picky. Eat more vegetables and coarse grains, such as corn and chestnut.