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Xu Genbao won a special award. Xu Genbao has trained many international players

According to the official website of the Asian Football Association, the third Asian Football Association Youth Conference was held in Malaysia on the 12th Beijing time, and a number of Youth Training Awards were awarded. Among them, Xu Genbao, who has been transporting talents for Chinese football for many years, won the special contribution award of youth training coach of the year.

Xu Genbao is known as "the first person in China's youth football training". His disciples are all over the CSL and have trained many international players such as Fan Zhiyi, Gao Hongbo and Wu Lei. Many of his early students have now taken up coaching positions.

Xu Genbao's efforts for Chinese football have been recognized and rewarded by AFC. This time, three people won the award together with him, namely Lu Wenhui, coach of U18 in Hong Kong, China, PACHA yapan, coach of U15 in Malaysia, and kiensen, coach of U16 women's football team in Thailand.

In addition, Shandong Luneng Taishan football school won the annual Youth Training Academy Award. This year also coincides with the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Luneng football school. At present, the students produced by this school are still being transported to the CSL stadium.