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Heilongjiang heavy snow closed Expressway large-scale heavy snow in Heilongjiang, many expressways c

[Heilongjiang snow sealed Expressway] from the morning of December 12 to 13, heavy snow fell on a large scale in Heilongjiang Province. Due to road icing and ice accumulation, at least 10 expressways in the province were closed, and traffic accidents occurred frequently in the provincial capital city Harbin. At present, the blizzard warning signal in some areas of Heilongjiang Province has been upgraded from blue to yellow.

At about 13:00 on the 12th, snow began to fall in some areas of Heilongjiang Province. By 18:50, the amount of snow in some areas had reached more than 6mm. Due to road icing and snow accumulation, some expressways in Heilongjiang Province began to be closed from the evening of the 12th. By the morning of the 13th, 10 expressways had been closed, including Beijing Harbin expressway, Harbin Ring Expressway, Hutong expressway, Harbin Mudan expressway, Harbin Dalian Expressway, Daguang Expressway, Mu Sui expressway, Mu Fu expressway, Jianhu Expressway and jianhei expressway. In addition, some stations such as Heda expressway, Hayi expressway, Daqi Expressway and Suibei expressway are closed, and passenger cars with more than 7 seats and vehicles of dangerous chemicals are prohibited.

Due to the road icing and the closure of the ring expressway, traffic congestion began to appear in some sections of Harbin on the evening of the 12th. The reporter saw at the Songpu bridge in Harbin that the congestion length of vehicles on and off the bridge exceeded 3km, and some vehicles broke down. By the morning of the 13th, many traffic accidents had occurred in many sections, and some vehicles had a flat tire after collision.

On the morning of the 13th, the meteorological department of Heilongjiang province continued to issue the blizzard blue warning signal. The blizzard warning signal in Muling, Ning'an, Dongning, Suifenhe, Jixi, Jidong, Mishan, Hulin, Raohe and other places was upgraded from blue to yellow. It is expected that by the noon of the 13th, the precipitation in some places will exceed 10mm. The meteorological department also issued a blue warning signal of cold wave across the province.